Still the sour grapes, eh?

Paul M. Moriarty pmm at
Wed Nov 3 15:47:47 CST 2004

JOELTLE515 at writes:
> In a message dated 11/3/2004 2:52:33 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
> james.sigel at writes:
> > I did see it.  And I saw "Mike" make his statement, clear as an
> > unmuddied lake.  And no matter how much you guys try to spin it, it
> > still amounts to the same hatred.  Pure, unabashed hatred.  You don't
> > support this country's enemies because you don't like the President; you
> > just don't.  What you think Pete Townshend wouldn't let Moore used WGFA
> > because he simply didn't think it fit? 
> > 
> ok, you saw the movie, did you see bush and his father and administration 
> mingling with the saudi royal terrorists? so yeah, you can hate the prez and the 
> "enemy" because.....THEY'RE ON THE SAME TEAM! (Lewis black delivery) and i'm 
> sorry, but f@#$k you because you're basically denying my american right to 
> question a president if I want to. if we don't, we might as well go back to a time 
> when russia was a pure communist country. 

I don't want to deny anybody their right to question the American
president, but let's move on.  This thread is much more about politics
(off-topic) than the The Who (on-topic).

- Paul - 

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