Still the sour grapes, eh?

Wed Nov 3 15:01:50 CST 2004

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> I did see it.  And I saw "Mike" make his statement, clear as an
> unmuddied lake.  And no matter how much you guys try to spin it, it
> still amounts to the same hatred.  Pure, unabashed hatred.  You don't
> support this country's enemies because you don't like the President; you
> just don't.  What you think Pete Townshend wouldn't let Moore used WGFA
> because he simply didn't think it fit? 

ok, you saw the movie, did you see bush and his father and administration 
mingling with the saudi royal terrorists? so yeah, you can hate the prez and the 
"enemy" because.....THEY'RE ON THE SAME TEAM! (Lewis black delivery) and i'm 
sorry, but f@#$k you because you're basically denying my american right to 
question a president if I want to. if we don't, we might as well go back to a time 
when russia was a pure communist country. 

No, Pete didn't have to see the movie; Moore's production company met
with Pete privately and gave him a full synopsis of the film, to which
Pete promptly refused to let Moore use the song. He commented that he
didn't like the way Moore spins the truth after Pete saw Bowling for
Columbine. Don't crucify me, that's what Pete said. Funny how this
stuff never made it to this list...

fox news gave a synopsis of the movie as well, and it was mostly an untrue 
analysis, and unfair and, yes, unbalanced! and didn't pete say that roger was a 
fan and a "friend" of his? one must wonder how these two met. maybe moore was 
right, saying the who wanted him to direct a documentary on them? somehow 
moore and roger met..... 

note to mark:

I guess you were right. bin Laden has secured bush a second term. ; ) 

PS: sorry if I sound more harsh than I "usually do" on here. frankly, i'm 
rather disgusted with everything at the moment. 

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