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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Wed Nov 3 08:47:52 CST 2004

> "Still The One" has been used in an Applebee's
commercial, ABC Network
broadcasts, and one other I don't remember.


I'm sure they got permission and paid to do so.

> Orleans was asked to perform at a Republican
fundraiser some time ago and I
believe Hall considers himself a democrat, so they
opted NOT to perform.

So the GOP was aware of how he felt about it.

> My point here, is the euphoria.  Older folks in
political arenas are moved
by that track.

I understand, but that doesn't give anyone license to
use copyrighted material without permission.
Especially, as I said, someone who is obligated to
uphold the law.

> I also saw George's "Something" lyrically ripping
James Taylor "Something In the Way She Moves" a slight

As George himself said, he walked by a studio where
Taylor was singing the song and was inspired to write

> and some studio pros).  Lubie, as covered by the
WHO, gives credit on the CD
to Paul Revere and company.

Right, because it was a "new" song...despite
practically identical music to the original Louie
Louie. Then again, check out Beg Borrow And Steal by
the Rare Breed. Apart from being a great song, the
music could have been lifted directly from Revere's
version of Louie Louie. Love the "Dave Davies" go wild
guitar solo.

> Here I agree, that intent is really the way, but
it's hard to draw the line on intent.

In this case, I don't think so. The GOP knew Hall
didn't want them to use the song. And they used it
anyway. And they have a history of trampling on
people's rights.

> and the like, having to
pay is downright stupid (overkill).

But it's the law.

> It's just too bad it has to happen this way..

The way to avoid it would be to be aware before you
take a song without asking. That's pretty easy.

> Make us proud!


Instead America made Osama proud by being successfully
manipulated into voting for the person who will best
further Laden's plans.

"Never underestimate the power of human stupidity."
                  Lazarus Long

Cheers         ML

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