I need help with a name

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Tue Nov 2 20:36:01 CST 2004

'Virginia' from It's In You
'Mary' from Mary by Pete
Linda, Jean, Cindy, Mary-Anne from Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
'Sally' not from Sally Simpson, but from Baba O'Reilly

There's a few...

Greg A.

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To All of You Who Fans,

My husband just found a kitten.  We now have 10 cats
and a dog.  For the past 34 years I have named just
about all of my cats, dogs and cars after something
related to the Who.  Now this kitten is a female and I
am fresh out of names.  I had a Sally Simpson, Athena,
Lilly (Pictures of Lilly) and my daughter vetoed Annie
(Avenging Annie).  Please help me come up with a great
female name.

Sue Who 

Have a great day,


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