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Greg Adams gradams at
Tue Nov 2 16:51:56 CST 2004

I wrote:
> While I won't get into the politics arena with this,
> my gut level feeling
> has always been, that most of the ones picking these
> songs in the first
> place, are looking for a 'catch phrase',

Mark wrote in reply:

Even so, these are the people who have the job of
enforcing the law of the land...and instead they have
a history of wiping their ass with it. The songs used
don't the administration has flouted the
law does. It shows an inherent feeling of entitlement.
"Still The One" has been used in an Applebee's commercial, ABC Network
broadcasts, and one other I don't remember.
Orleans was asked to perform at a Republican fundraiser some time ago and I
believe Hall considers himself a democrat, so they opted NOT to perform.
Whether I can suspect that this was a "Since you won't perform, we'll use
your song anyway" or not, I don't know.  If so, then yeah, I would have to
consider his point valid and worthwhile.  But, from what I heard, it was
more out of context, that it violated the spirit of the song (my way of
explaining, not his) and considering that idea, I would balk at the motive.
I can't say I really know for sure what to make of it, that's why I felt a
bit of overkill...
Again, this wasn't news til it got political. But it IS his choice, no
matter what..., so I suppose...
> After all,  you don't expect to hear "Happy Days Are
> Here Again" do you?

I'd bet that one is Public domain at this point. So
they could.
My point here, is the euphoria.  Older folks in political arenas are moved
by that track.  I suspect my age and lower, would rather here songs they
relate to...

> And, are all musicians as careful about being good
> to each other?

Obviously not.

Having written a few songs myself, it's easy enough to
write a song that sounds like or takes something from
an existing song without realizing it at first. George
Harrison got sued for My Sweet Lord ripping off He's
So Fine. Personally, and familiar with both songs at
the time, it never struck me as such. But, if you
listen REAL hard, you can hear it. Barely.

While I didn't know "He's So Fine",til, I heard it years later, I picked up
on the comparison.  I also saw George's "Something" lyrically ripping James
Taylor "Something In the Way She Moves" a slight bit.  George eventually
purchased Bright Tunes, and got some interesting 'bite-back' with "This
Song" before that happened.

And then, the suit of Huey Lewis and the News "I Want A New Drug" vs Ray
Parker's "Ghostbusters".  Ray admitted that they (film people) wanted him to
write a song similar to it....


Then again, Paul Revere & The Raiders almost made a
career out of playing Louie Louie over and over with
different lyrics (Louis Louis Go Back Home being one).
As far as I know, they never paid dime one.

While, I only know Louie, Go Home (two different versions, one might have
been the original Raiders band, which the WHO covered, calling it Lubie Come
Home, and the other on a Greatest Hits, which sound more like Mark Lindsay
and some studio pros).  Lubie, as covered by the WHO, gives credit on the CD
to Paul Revere and company.

Plus, you may have heard the legend that if, the Kingsmen (with their
drunken lead singer) had not stepped in the studio on that fateful Sunday
night, The Raiders would have been the famous (or perhaps not so famous)
originater of Louie, Louie with their recorded version on Monday.

If it was up to me, intent would play a big part. But
it's not. The point, at least for me, is that the
people supposed to enforce the law are flaunting it
instead. If it was my song, I'd be raising Holy Hell
about it.

Here I agree, that intent is really the way, but it's hard to draw the line
on intent.  For years, bands playing at high school dances are nearly
non-existant (least in my town).  As bad as cover bands might sound, it sure
beat a DJ.  And the rest of church choirs, HS bands and the like, having to
pay is downright stupid (overkill).  Radio/TV brings advertising which
brings money.  HS bands GIVE something to a school to play and get kids
learning, musically or otherwise.  I wouldn't worry myself over church
choirs, just take care of the tv evangelists who steal money in God's name
for their selfish gain. (and I don't want to get in that arena either, it's
been done!)

As I say, not a perfect world...
It's just too bad it has to happen this way..

Greg A.

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