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Jim M NakedI at
Tue Nov 2 07:15:25 CST 2004

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> Actually, U2 seems to have three videos for their little single.  Here's 
> an extended 2 minute version of the ad.  I like the short version 
> better--more impact, but I guess it was just a matter of different editing 
> and you get to hear more of the song.

I only saw that add a thousand times during the baseball playoffs, eleven 
hundred, tops.  Now this is an odd connection, so bear with me.  When I 
heard it I kept getting reminded of "You Keep Me Hanging On" by the 
Supremes.  "Hello , hello.  There's a place called Vertigo....You don't 
really love me...You just keep me hanging on..."  Of course I was a little 
bit delerious about what was going on with the Red Sox. (Did I mention they 
won the World Series?)

> Wonder who the gal is that's dancing?  She looks great, even in 
> silhouette.  :)

Which one? The one with the afro?  Did you see the part at the end where 
Bono opens his shirt to show off his hairy chest?  Talk about HOT!

Jim M 

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