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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Tue Nov 2 07:01:32 CST 2004

> While I won't get into the politics arena with this,
> my gut level feeling
> has always been, that most of the ones picking these
> songs in the first
> place, are looking for a 'catch phrase',


Even so, these are the people who have the job of
enforcing the law of the land...and instead they have
a history of wiping their ass with it. The songs used
don't the administration has flouted the
law does. It shows an inherent feeling of entitlement.

> After all,  you don't expect to hear "Happy Days Are
> Here Again" do you?

I'd bet that one is Public domain at this point. So
they could.
> And, are all musicians as careful about being good
> to each other?

Obviously not.

> How many blues artists ripped by Led Zeppelin?

But they have been sued and forced to pay in some
cases. So the law is clear.

> group, and they were the ones very vocal about
> downloading.

Having written a few songs myself, it's easy enough to
write a song that sounds like or takes something from
an existing song without realizing it at first. George
Harrison got sued for My Sweet Lord ripping off He's
So Fine. Personally, and familiar with both songs at
the time, it never struck me as such. But, if you
listen REAL hard, you can hear it. Barely.

Then again, Paul Revere & The Raiders almost made a
career out of playing Louie Louie over and over with
different lyrics (Louis Louis Go Back Home being one).
As far as I know, they never paid dime one.

If it was up to me, intent would play a big part. But
it's not. The point, at least for me, is that the
people supposed to enforce the law are flaunting it
instead. If it was my song, I'd be raising Holy Hell
about it.

> well, I know springsteen dosen't mind kerry using
> his song "no surrender" as 
> his anthem. he performed at a few pro-kerry rallies
> recently with kerry there with him. 


Since Springsteen himself played it, it must be OK for
Kerry to use it. Right? Kerry's playing by the rules,
Bush isn't. Who's surprised? Not me.

"They have miscalculated me as a leader."
    George "I use big words" Bush

Cheers         ML

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