Not fooling

L. Bird pkeets at
Mon Nov 1 22:06:02 CST 2004

>It's not a perfect world out there, and before you ask, I am not excusing
anything here, but I think its a bit of overkill, even tho I do understand
fighting for the rights of copyright.

I dunno.  This is national political organization, and a national campaign 
on a huge scale, so they'd better be following the rules.  You'd expect that 
the local kiddie day care center might be using music in their shows without 
permission and without paying royalties, but organizations like church 
choirs and school bands are expected to be aware of the rules and to pay up. 
  Therefore, large and highly organzied political campaigns had better cough 
it up as well.

I'd say the same whether it's Democrats or Republicans using the music.  
After all the furore about copyright and misuse of music, they need to get 
it right.  The fact that the Bush spokeswomen said they have a licensing 
company means they're aware they should have permissions and should be 
paying.  Therefore, Mr. Hall deserves satisfaction.

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