Not fooling

Greg Adams gradams at
Mon Nov 1 21:18:55 CST 2004

Mark wrote:
A campaign using a song to promote a certain agenda is
likely to get a songwriter who doesn't support said
agenda it has in these cases. The right
thing to do would be to ask first. However, this
particular group has a history of taking what they
want without paying or suffering any consequences.

While I won't get into the politics arena with this, my gut level feeling
has always been, that most of the ones picking these songs in the first
place, are looking for a 'catch phrase', feeling of euphoria, or emotional
lift from these songs.
Feelings of power: ie: Opening chords and words of Born in the USA; Won't
Get Fooled Again ie: The emotional, "No I won't be fooled by..."(catch
phrase) Still The One (Emotional lift).  I don't believe that the song
pickers have even taken the time for the lyrics or intentions of the artist
to be understood(let the feelings fill in the blanks here).  They are using
the music for atmosphere, much like DISCO was for dancing, no real concern,
just create that euphoria.

After all,  you don't expect to hear "Happy Days Are Here Again" do you?

And, are all musicians as careful about being good to each other?

How many blues artists ripped by Led Zeppelin?  I heard, but don't remember
exactly, the one that Metallica has been accused of ripping off from another
group, and they were the ones very vocal about downloading.

It's not a perfect world out there, and before you ask, I am not excusing
anything here, but I think its a bit of overkill, even tho I do understand
fighting for the rights of copyright.

Greg A.

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