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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Mon Nov 1 20:20:38 CST 2004

> umm, I didn't post those comments


My mistake, Tom did.

> and most of them being for kerry, one never knows. 

Watch and see how many people vote as Osama wants them
to. And make NO mistake, that's what they're doing.

> So is Bush "trampling on the rights of songwriters"
and Styx isn’t?  What’s the difference?


Usually when songs are played in a public place, the
venue pays ASCAP or BMI (depending on which is
relevent) to do it. They're supposed to, anyway. Who
knows if Styx had any input as to what was played. I
remember in Raleigh NC 1989, before The Who came on,
they played a best of Rolling Stones, Rewind I
think...which I thought was inappropriate. And I'd be
pretty sure Pete wouldn't have chosen it, either. But
the venue, probably clueless, chose some Classic
A campaign using a song to promote a certain agenda is
likely to get a songwriter who doesn't support said
agenda it has in these cases. The right
thing to do would be to ask first. However, this
particular group has a history of taking what they
want without paying or suffering any consequences.

"If you're asking me as the president, would I
understand reality, I do."
     George "no mistakes" Bush

Cheers         ML

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