Styx and Who Songs

L. Bird pkeets at
Mon Nov 1 19:05:26 CST 2004

>>>Saw Styx last night at the Grand Casino in Biloxi …Before the show, at
least 3 Who songs were played over the PA (MG, ICSFM, BBE). …right before 
came out…<<<

>So is Bush "trampling on the rights of songwriters" and Styx isn’t?  What’s
the difference?

I think Styx is regulated fairly closely as they're standard performers.  
Remember in 2000 when Pete complained about having to pay BMI to play his 
own songs in concert and then not getting the money back from them in 
payments?  They had a little tiff where Pete complained in his diaries and 
they wrote press releases back at him.

The question in the article about "Still The One" questioned whether the 
Bush Campaign licensing company had correctly gotten permissions to play the 
song and thus whether they would pay proper royalties.


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