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There is a pretty good layman's treatment on evolution and the
contributions that Charles Darwin made to the theories on the
origins of life in National Geographic this month.   The article
also reveals a startlingly low acceptance of the concept of evolution
within the US (four decades of polls reveal little change - sad, really.)

No Fooling:

Mark & Ernie:

WGFA is one of my favorite songs for a variety of reasons.  The fact
that the lyrics resonate political themes often invite commentary by
my friends that know that I'm a Who fan.   They nearly always miss the
point of the song, and I find myself having to explain that Pete's intent
was to point out that pitfalls of a revolution, and that it sometimes does
more harm than good.   Otherwise the *new boss* could end up
producing the same outcome as the *old boss*.   I don't think Pete is
being a defeatist here, just a realist putting forth a cautionary warning
of *be careful what one wishes for*.

Pete Hero Worship:


I've heard artists like Bill-Joe Armstrong, Cheryl Crow, Dave Matthews,
Eddy Vedder, and a few others that I don't recall saying that they
were strongly influenced by Pete's guitar work.

This past June at the IOW concert,
the Susan Vega commented on Pete's playing as a re-inspiration to
trying to achieve perfection with here guitar work, and how she would
no longer take picking and strumming for granted (paraphrasing here).

Pete's had many incarnations as a performer, but the early *guitar-smasher*
image has been a tough one for him to shake.  Only people that have
fully followed his career will come to know his overall versatility.   I think
the sheer physical nature of Pete's playing combined with the quality
of the sound he achieves places him in a category that rivals Hendrix
in a lot of ways.   I also think that because Jimi's dead, his legacy is
almost untouchable, no matter what Pete or any other artist does, IMHO.

Joe in Philly

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