Not getting fooled again

Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Mon Nov 1 08:12:01 CST 2004

> guess I misinterpreted. I apologize.


No need, it wasn't you who took the opportunity to
attack another list member. Yet again.

> just afraid if someone makes a political 
statement on here, whether its a response to something
pete said or not, 
it'll turn into mudslinging.

It often does, because those mudslingers don't have a
real point to make. So they attack. I read the Pete
comments you posted, had nothing to say about it. But
then it was twisted, intentionally or otherwise, to
represent something it does not. So I then commented
on that. And got attacked for it. Please note the
person who twisted it did not get called on a
political post, just me.

> find out tuesday what will happen.

I found out Friday, when the Laden tape ensured Bush
the win. Osama knows the political battleground, and
what effect his emergence would have on it. So Laden
gets what he wants, the man who will best further
Laden's agenda. And we the American people all lose.

In other news, it seems that as they did in 2000, the
Bushies once again used a song without permission and
angered the songwriter. In this case it was the
Orleans song "Still The One." Seems like trampling on
the rights of songwriters is OK with them, since they
did this exact thing with Won't Get Fooled Again in
October 2000...prompting Pete to call Bush a cunt.

"Ultimately, this election comes down to who can you
       George "Saddam has WMD" Bush

Cheers         ML

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