Warm up band louder than Who?

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Sun May 30 23:58:41 CDT 2004

>> >How was the volume on his ears?
>>He thought that the warm-up band was louder than The
>Who.  It was a bit louder than he expected.
>I noticed a similar thing when I took in an Aerosmith concert in Lafayette,
LA in March.

I don't think Johanssen's band was louder--the sound was thinner and 
harsher.  It's that same quality I mentioned about Zak's drums versus most 
bands today.  I really dislike the way drums are tuned and miced now to make 
them more piercing--Zak's were even a little sharp from where I was sitting. 
  I'd guess they're up in the mix to compensate for lower bass.

Anyway, when The Who took the stage, they made twice as much noise, but it 
didn't hurt nearly as much.


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