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> In which case it's Pridden, like I suggested it might be.  That would 
> explain why the phemonenon happened to both Entwistle and Palladino.  And, 
> it might be hard for Palladino to say (as a replacement), What the hell do 
> you think you'r doing Bob?
> -- Ned Ruggeri

But can't Pete and Roger hear it?  Shouldn't they ultimately tell Bob- "Hey, 
we need to get that low end boosted."  It would seem so, especially since the 
inaudibility of the bass has been an issue from the very first moment Pino set 
foot on stage with The Who.  He's fucking WORLD RENOWNED!  Let this guy do 
his thing and show us why he's world renowned.  What a waste to have this 
supposed vituoso throwing out vanilla basslines.  Makes no damn sense.


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