Pino's leash

L. Bird pkeets at
Sun May 30 12:51:42 CDT 2004

>In which case it's Pridden, like I suggested it might be.  That would
explain why the phemonenon happened to both Entwistle and Palladino.  And,
it might be hard for Palladino to say (as a replacement), What the hell do
you think you'r doing Bob?

The question remains as to whether Pridden makes these decisions himself, or 
if there's some slight grimace from Pete that causes him to crank the knob 
one way or the other.

It looks to me like Pridden takes a lot of abuse from Roger and Pete both--I 
gather he's expected to make sure all the monitors work properly as well as 
the mixing and broadcast to the audience.  Does the level of abuse also mean 
that he takes a lot of responsibility in artistic control of the band's 
sound?  Is it Pridden's concept of The Who that we're all familiar with?


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