Pino on bass

Bruce bkawak at
Fri May 28 22:57:00 CDT 2004

> >>Bring in John Paul Jones or Tony Butler!!!
> I disagree with the former and agree with the latter.
> JPJ was too studio oriented with Zeppelin.  I saw Zep twice and whenever
> soloed there was a big hole in their sound as JPJ did not pick up the
> (and neither did Bonham as he got older).  Listen to the Zep live stuff
> (although the more recent "How The West Was Won" is much better than "Song
> The Same").

Funny you should mention this.  I had this very discussion with a fellow
wearing a "Georgia Bulldogs" sweater once.  Normally, I wouldn't pay any
attention to anything a Dawg fan said but we agreed on this point. :)

Go Vols! (we're gonna get you this year)

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