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Fri May 28 17:25:29 CDT 2004

Toby Elwin writes:

>>Bring in John Paul Jones or Tony Butler!!!

I disagree with the former and agree with the latter.

JPJ was too studio oriented with Zeppelin.  I saw Zep twice and whenever Page 
soloed there was a big hole in their sound as JPJ did not pick up the slack 
(and neither did Bonham as he got older).  Listen to the Zep live stuff 
(although the more recent "How The West Was Won" is much better than "Song Remains 
The Same").

The trick to a power trio - which the Who, Zep, Cream, Jimi Hendrix 
Experience - were, is that when the guitarist soloes the rest of the band must overplay 
some to compensate for the lack of a rhythm instrument (either another guitar 
or keyboards).  Cream nailed it; the Who nailed it, Hendrix got it 2/3 right 
(Redding on bass was OK - he was a guitarist actually) - Zep only got it a bit 

The trick to the Who's sound live was having, as an old friend once said, a 
lead guitar, a lead bass and a lead drummer.  That is what all power trios need 
to have.

Even with a keyboard and extra guitar in the Who today, the bass is lacking 
as the foundation.

There is a connection with the Who and former Big Country bassist Tony 
Butler.  He was in a band with Simon before Big Country (On The Air) and did some 
stuff with Pete.  He is a fine bassist that has years of working in a hard 
rocking band that produced some fine albums and great live shows (get the DVD "The 
Final Fling" by Big Country).  Plus he sings.

Tony Butler gets my vote!

Greg Biggs

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