Pino off his leash

JET jet at
Fri May 28 17:25:11 CDT 2004

"And, I know I keep harping on this but, The OX was dreadfully low in
the mix on much of the 2000 tour.  "

I also seem to recall the Quad tour..... Being a bass player myself, I had only been waiting all my life to hear John play The Real Me live. I got to the Worcester Centrum and got settled in, giddy with excitement because I knew I was finally going to hear it. There's no way to avoid it tonight!  They started and damn! I couldn't hear the bass! I told my guitar player sitting next to me that it's a good thing I knew the bass line because I sure couldn't hear it. He laughed and said John probably stole Bob Pridden's girl the night before and was now getting back at him. The bass volume improved as the show went on but it stole what was supposed to be the highlight of the show for me.

John from MA

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