Joe Jr. at MSG etc.

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Fri May 28 14:37:14 CDT 2004


 >Ha!  That's awesome.
 >Sounds like a smart kid.  Must have gotten that from your wife.  ;-) 
(still in silly humor mode).

Actually you are right on this.  He is much more of a
little policeman than I am.

 >Hey, I'd like to hear more.

Here it comes.

 >How'd he like the show?

He loved it.  During BOR, he whispered in my ear:
"Dad, you really hooked me up with this!  Thanks!"

 >How'd he like the atmosphere?

He was on overload with the venue and the hanging speakers, the lighting 
guys up on the suspended
ladders, etc.   He's into gadgets, and curious about
how things work and what things are for.  He's our
little human question mark.    While I'm thinking
that floor seats are good, he wishes he could be
up as high as possible just out of curiosity.  I tell
him, that I've been there and that those seats are
only good for Hockey!

 >How was the volume on his ears?

He thought that the warm-up band was louder than The
Who.  It was a bit louder than he expected.

 >Did you have plugs for him?

No ear plugs.  Thinking about it now I feel that was
probably a mistake.  "Bad Father!" :(

 >What seats did you end up with?

Section 8, Row K on the floor (on the side of
*He who must not have his amplifier turned up*)

 >Was it too long for him?

I think so.  We had a long day traveling up to NYC,
then around NYC, and late nights leading up to Saturday.
He had to sit down a couple of times and lots of folks
we giving me the nod and wink about him getting tired.

 >How was his stamina (mine was hurting during the acoustic set...I sat!)?

As he heard familiar songs, he would perk up.  Hell I do
that.   But generally he needs to improve his stamina.
We'll work on that!  ;-)

 > Did he ask about the funny smells?  It was thick where we were sitting.

He was getting hit with regular cigarette smoke from the
guy in front of us, so that masked all of his senses.
We didn't have to address and contraband issues.

 >How'd he like NY?
He digs the subway, and bridges, buildings and all
the structural things about the city.  Both kids
complained about the urine smells in various areas and
the construction all over the place.   I jokingly told
them that there is a guy who's job is to go around and
pee on everything to keep tourists moving quickly and
not standing around (subways, etc.)   They weren't
buying my story.  They'd say, "Dad!"

My wife used to work in NYC before she became
Mrs. Joe in Philly, so she and the kids get there
a few times a year.

 >Since he's long done with breastfeeding, I'm sure the women on 7th Ave. 
were no interest to him. ;-)

His eyes are starting to travel but he is probably
not aware why.

 >Did he talk about it the next morning?

Lots more questions.  He is just thirsty for Who
knowledge, but he's still too young to introduce to
the Internet lists or chat rooms.   I show him Brian's
pages every now and again.

This event has had a profound impact on him, as
I suspected it would.   The punk met the Godfather!

 >Was he starry-eyed??
He was blown away.  He's still talking about it, and
now he wants to form a band.   I heard him playing
5:15 this morning getting ready for school.  He has
his own Who CD collection and is on his way.

Sorry we could not hook up.   It is entirely my fault
for not thinking about cell numbers, etc.

I really wanted to see all of you guys again and to
finally meet Jon.   I should have just sat down on
that stool by Greg Retus and had another Guinness around
12:30 AM, and It would have been find.  Big Bummer!

Joe in Philly

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