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Fri May 28 09:34:28 CDT 2004

>From Joan Jett's website, where she answers questions sent in by fans:

Hi Joan 
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all of our questions. 
We all truly appreciate the time you have dedicated to doing this. I 
have two quick questions. First, I have noticed that you always sign 
your name with a star at the end and was wondering if there is any 
meaning behind that? Second, at every concert you always take the stage 
to the Who's "Won't get fooled again". Just wondering if that song has
special meaning to you or what the significance of that song is? Just

Also, thanks for all the great years of music, and for always making 
your fans a priority. You are the best!! 


Hey Steph, 

The star at the end of my name is something I started probably before 
I even formed the Runaways. It was a projection. I wanted to be a rock 
star, so I practiced my autograph, and don't know exactly why I chose a 
star. In my teen brain I was thinking, '"rockstar, rockSTAR." and I 
cross my t's and make the star in the same way. So, its what I wanted 
to be, and I sent out that energy to the universe. 

As for The Who, we are friends with that organization for many years. 
It was also The Who that enabled us to record what became the 'Bad
Reputation' album. In England in '79-80', we had no money at all, and 
The Who let us record our whole album on spec, and we could pay them 
when we were able. This was unique behavior, to say the least, in a 
very tough business. This was an absolutely crucial point in my career 
and so I would say this is kind of a 'tip of my cap' to some people 
that came to my aid in a time of need, and I'm a fan too! 

Thanks for your questions. 

Rock on! 


- SCHRADE in Akron

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