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What Do Guys Want?
Everything the networks aren't allowed to show. for
the upcoming TV season, that's a big problem

Monday, May. 24, 2004
At last week's TV upfronts — the annual galas at which
the broadcast networks preview next season's series
for advertisers — CBS offered a lesson in the
difference between life and TV. It closed its
presentation with a surprise appearance by the Who,
playing its classic Who Are You, the theme of CSI.
Carnegie Hall shook, Pete Townshend windmilled on his
guitar, and Roger Daltrey howled, "Oooooh, who the
f___ are you?" 

If CBS had been airing the show, it would have had to
bleep the F word — and it knows better than anyone
else what you can't get away with on TV today, having
been on the receiving end of Janet Jackson's Super
Bowl Sunday "wardrobe malfunction." But an aggressive
FCC was only one of network TV's problems last season.
Another was the sudden, steep drop-off in young male
viewers, the most elusive and therefore coveted
audience for advertisers. As of April, according to
Nielsen Media Research, prime-time broadcast ratings
among men ages 18 to 34 were down more than 13% from
the previous season.

— With reporting by Jeanne McDowell/Los Angeles

>From the May. 31, 2004 issue of TIME magazine

> Again, I think it's a combination of his playing
> style, his personal
> amp-setting preferences, & the sound-mixing at these
> large venues.


Seems to me the solution is obvious: GET TONY BUTLER

"I'm honored to shake the hand of a brave Iraqi
citizen who had his hand cut off by Saddam Hussein."
    George "lost in translation" Bush

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