Pino's leash

Karbon Karbon tetrakarbon at
Thu May 27 21:57:19 CDT 2004

SCHRADE in Akron
>How long does it take to turn the goddamned volume up?  He was told to
>play loud when he got the gig - two years ago.  I truly believe it's the
>sound crew who holds the key.  I'm sure Pino's stage volume is nice &
>loud - from three feet in front of his rig.  But as far as overall venue
>sound is concerned, it's weak.

In which case it's Pridden, like I suggested it might be.  That would 
explain why the phemonenon happened to both Entwistle and Palladino.  And, 
it might be hard for Palladino to say (as a replacement), What the hell do 
you think you'r doing Bob?

-- Ned Ruggeri

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