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......every notable bass line on a recording by the rolling stones*
was actually played by Keith Richards, (with rare exception, and then,
during the very early years circa 1963-66), until the Darryl Jones
years beginning about 10 years ago.

Bill Wyman would be a horrible choice.


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>I can hold my tongue no longer... When I heard Pino was the new bass player
>to play with the Who, I was excited, his fretless work is outstanding, he
>was one of my favorite bass players, as a fretless bass player.  Check out
>his work on "Give Blood", up front, mixed high, melodic, and interesting.
>Oletta Adams' first album has great bass playing, Pino was king of melody.
>I thought the Who would sound great with a fretless bass player and always
>wondered why John did not play fretless because his style was so melodic???
>But now that I have heard 5 concerts with Pino - HE IS AWFUL in the Who!!!
>The Who needs a BOTTOM-HEAVY SOUND, Pino is playing like a nonce, you can't
>hear him, he is playing fretted bass too, moving his hands - sometimes - 
>it is useless you can't freakin' hear him.  I would rather see Greg Lake at
>this point, and Greg Lake would add great vocal harmony.  On RGLB, Lake's
>bass has a bit of a growl, I could stand more melody, but it is better than
>Pino's ORW for certain.
>Let's also dispel Simon playing bass, Simon is a guitar player.  Just
>because you can play the notes on a bass guitar does not make you a bass
>player.  Playing bass is a state of mind.  He is great on guitar, I was
>lucky to see them at MSG Saturday and his guitar playing was instrumental -
>but what I loved was his vocal harmonies even more key.
>I have always been partial to hearing Tony Butler of Big Country on bass
>with the Who.  He was discovered by Simon Townshend, he and Marc Brezicki
>were in Simon Townshend's band, played on Pete's solo albums and went
>further still as the rhythm section for Big Country.   Tony Butler has a
>great style, percussive and melodic, I dream of his bass sound with the 
>who else you ask??? What of Bill Wyman, yes he would be cool as hell and it
>would be a coup.  What about Greg Lake.  What about John Paul Jones, god
>would he be a mother f*cker on bass for the Who, he was for Led Zep or I
>could even do with Chucho Merchan, he kicks ass on the Deep End and the 
>solo tours he is on, but less star power than Greg Lake, Bill Wyman, JP
>Jones, or even Tony Butler.  Just no more Pino, I beg of it.
>Pino is awful, he is killing me, I so want the bottom end of the Who, where
>did it go?  But I can say MSG Saturday was magic, even though the low end
>was non existent.
>Bring in John Paul Jones or Tony Butler!!!
>Thanks for the rant!  Long Live Rock!!!  Long Live The Who!!!
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