Pino is awful!!!

Toby Elwin taelwin at
Thu May 27 20:14:12 CDT 2004

I can hold my tongue no longer... When I heard Pino was the new bass player
to play with the Who, I was excited, his fretless work is outstanding, he
was one of my favorite bass players, as a fretless bass player.  Check out
his work on "Give Blood", up front, mixed high, melodic, and interesting.
Oletta Adams' first album has great bass playing, Pino was king of melody.
I thought the Who would sound great with a fretless bass player and always
wondered why John did not play fretless because his style was so melodic???
But now that I have heard 5 concerts with Pino - HE IS AWFUL in the Who!!!

The Who needs a BOTTOM-HEAVY SOUND, Pino is playing like a nonce, you can't
hear him, he is playing fretted bass too, moving his hands - sometimes - but
it is useless you can't freakin' hear him.  I would rather see Greg Lake at
this point, and Greg Lake would add great vocal harmony.  On RGLB, Lake's
bass has a bit of a growl, I could stand more melody, but it is better than
Pino's ORW for certain.

Let's also dispel Simon playing bass, Simon is a guitar player.  Just
because you can play the notes on a bass guitar does not make you a bass
player.  Playing bass is a state of mind.  He is great on guitar, I was
lucky to see them at MSG Saturday and his guitar playing was instrumental -
but what I loved was his vocal harmonies even more key.

I have always been partial to hearing Tony Butler of Big Country on bass
with the Who.  He was discovered by Simon Townshend, he and Marc Brezicki
were in Simon Townshend's band, played on Pete's solo albums and went
further still as the rhythm section for Big Country.   Tony Butler has a
great style, percussive and melodic, I dream of his bass sound with the Who,
who else you ask??? What of Bill Wyman, yes he would be cool as hell and it
would be a coup.  What about Greg Lake.  What about John Paul Jones, god
would he be a mother f*cker on bass for the Who, he was for Led Zep or I
could even do with Chucho Merchan, he kicks ass on the Deep End and the Pete
solo tours he is on, but less star power than Greg Lake, Bill Wyman, JP
Jones, or even Tony Butler.  Just no more Pino, I beg of it.

Pino is awful, he is killing me, I so want the bottom end of the Who, where
did it go?  But I can say MSG Saturday was magic, even though the low end
was non existent.

Bring in John Paul Jones or Tony Butler!!!

Thanks for the rant!  Long Live Rock!!!  Long Live The Who!!!

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