Pino's leash

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>He was told to
>play loud when he got the gig - two years ago.

You would think if he doesn't want to listen to Pete, he'd at least listen to 

That's right!

But what really got me mad is when there was no distinct bass riff in..... 
<SPARKS!!>  Isn't that the point of that jam?  The bass riff countered by the 
guitar riff? I will listen to no excuses about that.  

Me and the wife had a good laugh at the "gang" talk. She said "Oh brother. 
Did you tell them about what happened to you just yesterday in Pontiac when you 
went to Popeye's chicken? Maybe that'll put things in perspective. You guys 
are what are called 'friends'."  "If you're his friend, you can't be my friend" 
is what I think I remember hearing in 3rd grade.

"Be friendly! Befriend me now!" is even what Scott kept singing!!

Jon still chuckling about in Mi.

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