Pino's leash

L. Bird pkeets at
Thu May 27 12:23:33 CDT 2004

>How long does it take to turn the goddamned volume up?  He was told to
play loud when he got the gig - two years ago.

Well, he did.  For all of five minutes.

>I truly believe it's the sound crew who holds the key.  I'm sure Pino's 
>stage volume is nice &
loud - from three feet in front of his rig.  But as far as overall venue 
sound is concerned, it's weak.

Right.  I'm sure it wasn't Pino that suddenly turned down five minutes into 
his first show with The Who.  Somebody else didn't like the sound.

>BUT!  The same can be said about OX's bass sound in 2000!  So, what are
we gonna do?  Strain to hear the bass, I guess.

Yeah, I guess.  Whatever we say, they'll work it out to suit themselves.

>There were just as many musicians on stage for Johanssen's set, and their 
>sound was very thin by comparison.

I think a lot of times they don't give the opening band the full benefit
of the sound system.

Ha.  They had their own sound guy and rolled in their own board so they 
could do what they wanted.  They just ain't got it.  ;)


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