Pino's leash

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Thu May 27 11:54:02 CDT 2004

>Schrade, Scott 
>Pino's leash
>Why does it sound so

Perfect description.

>Jon, Kevin, & I were listening to my Forum Night 2 CD when we were
>heading down to Ground Zero & all of a sudden we heard a little Pino
>riff & we all got wide-eyed & someone said, "Hey! Did you hear that?!"

That's right!
It was me in the back seat freaking out at actually being able to hear Pino do a run.
Hey, I'd never heard that out of him before!
It got me pumped for the show!... only to be let down.

>How long does it take to turn the goddamned volume up?

Hell, Jon did it with hand signals in less than 1 second!
>He was told to
>play loud when he got the gig - two years ago.

You would think if he doesn't want to listen to Pete, he'd at least listen to Jon!

>BUT!  The same can be said about OX's bass sound in 2000!  So, what are
>we gonna do?  Strain to hear the bass, I guess.

BUT, BUT!  There was no "smear" factor with the OX!

>Sure the sound was *good* but there's something wrong when you have to 
>labor to hear the bass guitar in a *rock* band.

Particularly a band where the bass plays such a prominent role.

>I think a lot of times they don't give the opening band the full benefit
>of the sound system.

I'd like to learn more about how you two got stuck in a stairwell with a one way door!
You could have been in there all night!

Kevin in VT

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