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Thu May 27 11:17:41 CDT 2004

>From: Joe Lewinski <lewinski at>
>Subject: Re: MSG
>I always thought he spelled it with a "k" on the end... anyway.

No, you're right.  I'm just going too fast...
Or, not caring.  ;-)

>No, it was Magik - wearing his recognizable *who uniform* (the yellow shirt)

Didn't see Magik...unfortunately.
I got an E-mail from him Sunday asking where we were.
He was at the Weee before the show, and......Weee weren't.
Way to go, Scott.   ;-)

>I whispered in his ear that it was not
>polite to leave him hanging there, and that the guy was trying to have
>a good time....  Jason finally obliged, but not before giving the guy a
>disapproving look.    Good experiences and discussion points!

Ha!  That's awesome.
Sounds like a smart kid.  Must have gotten that from your wife.  ;-) (still in silly humor mode).
Hey, I'd like to hear more.
How'd he like the show?
How'd he like the atmosphere?
How was the volume on his ears?
Did you have plugs for him?
What seats did you end up with?
Was it too long for him?  How was his stamina (mine was hurting during the acoustic set...I sat!)?
Did he ask about the funny smells?  It was thick where we were sitting.
How'd he like NY?
Since he's long done with breastfeeding, I'm sure the women on 7th Ave. were no interest to him. ;-)
Did he talk about it the next morning?
Was he starry-eyed??


>From: Keithjmoon70 at
>Subject: Re: MSG
>Ooooo, Jim, you're going against my trading ethics.

I know, I know.....what ethics?
This one I'm pretty strict on.
Hey, a guy has to have *some* ethics!

>From: "Schrade, Scott" <sschrade at>
>Subject: Re: Breakfast in NYC
>Yeah, I was shocked when Jon & Stu got back to the hotel & said,
>"We just had breakfast with Jeff & Lela!"  

It was a shocking secret that Jon held close to the vest!
A gang meeting that The Warriors weren't invited to!
That makes Jon....a.....a......a double agent!

>What was great was that I didn't
>have a hangover either morning.  No headaches; just tiredness.

Me too!
Good alcohol management.
Was chugging water, and said "no" to shots.
Still, at 3:00am, I had to stop.
I couldn't get any drunker!

>From: Sroundtable at
>Subject: Re: Pino off his leash
>Why don't they just let him off his leash without necessarily featuring him 
>like they do Zak?

I don't know.

>Is his "style" inaudibility and boringness?

Never know how to reply to rhetorical questions.

>They should mix Pino up and let him do his thing.


>From: hapijac at
>Subject: pino off his leash?
>think Pete likes the spot light myself. 
>Just my two cents.
An increasingly valuable two cents.   

Kevin in VT                                                            

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