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Thu May 27 10:57:31 CDT 2004

to all,

I didnt think the Band,  was there entirely as well.  I would also rate that particular show a 7 out of 10.  With the opening chords of I cant explain,  the first 4 or 5 songs,  were explosive,  as well as naked eye,  everything else,  I thought the rest of show lacked its ferocious appeal,  that we all are used to seeing. Ive seen the band since 82 with different band makeup,  and I seriously believe I can draw a comparison by now,  of what was then, and what is now.  

There are soo many songs in their catalogue,  that they can use to refresh the song, but,  we still  get the same songs over and over,  which can get tiring.

Pino,  I thought was trying, but is the wrong guy for the band. A bass player who is inaudible. Can we borrow Bill Wyman,  or someone with a punch. I know a lot of you agree,  but I also find it hard to talk about our beloved band,  like this,  since we have 2 left.

I think Im being realistic in what Im saying.

Since it was a warm up show, for good things to come in the future,  perhaps it was a start.  I'll most likely still attend the shows, in the near future,  as I am a fan.

in NY

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