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Schrade, Scott sschrade at
Thu May 27 10:44:07 CDT 2004

> I could hear him at Atlanta, but again, I had to listen, as the bass 
> didn't stand out.

To be clear, the low end exists; he *is* providing a bottom end to the
sound.  But it's completely indistinct.  You sense it rather than hear

It's almost as if it's a bass synthesizer being played & not a bass
guitar.  Where are the individual bass notes?  Why does it sound so

Jon, Kevin, & I were listening to my Forum Night 2 CD when we were
heading down to Ground Zero & all of a sudden we heard a little Pino
riff & we all got wide-eyed & someone said, "Hey! Did you hear that?!"

It's like you have to savor & treasure any distinct Pino riff you find
because they're few & far between.  Very valuable, those Pino riffs -
when you spot one.

> How the bass is mixed will have to do with the artists' idea of how 
> bass should be integrated with the rest of the band.  Normally bass 
> isn't the featured instrument, you know.

I think it has more to do with the sound engineers at the venue.  I'd
be willing to bet Pino sets his amp the same way he always does & lets 
the sound guys do the rest.  No way does he concern himself with his 
sound at each individual venue.

> Mostly, I think Pino has practiced a lot so he can fill in more of the 
> texture that the band is used to, but still it's something that they're 
> working on.

How long does it take to turn the goddamned volume up?  He was told to
play loud when he got the gig - two years ago.  I truly believe it's the
sound crew who holds the key.  I'm sure Pino's stage volume is nice &
loud - from three feet in front of his rig.  But as far as overall venue
sound is concerned, it's weak.

BUT!  The same can be said about OX's bass sound in 2000!  So, what are
we gonna do?  Strain to hear the bass, I guess.

> In general, I thought the sound was satisfactory this time around, and 
> didn't really feel it was lopsided or had any huge gaping holes.

Sure the sound was *good* but there's something wrong when you have to 
labor to hear the bass guitar in a *rock* band.

> There were just as many musicians on stage for Johanssen's set, and 
> their sound was very thin by comparison.

I think a lot of times they don't give the opening band the full benefit
of the sound system.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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