Pino's leash

L. Bird pkeets at
Thu May 27 09:56:47 CDT 2004

>I do know that Pino's sound was nonexistent at the Simon & Garfunkel
show in Cleveland, too.

I could hear him at Atlanta, but again, I had to listen, as the bass didn't 
stand out.  How the bass is mixed will have to do with the artists' idea of 
how bass should be integrated with the rest of the band.  Normally bass 
isn't the featured instrument, you know.

The Who has always been recognizable because of the emphasis on the 
bassline.  Mixing it down leaves the fans feeling a gap, I guess, but then 
again, I didn't like their first attempt at mixing it in high at CA in 2002, 
and I didn't care for the bass sound on "Eminence Front" this time out.  
Mostly, I think Pino has practiced a lot so he can fill in more of the 
texture that the band is used to, but still it's something that they're 
working on.

In general, I thought the sound was satisfactory this time around, and 
didn't really feel it was lopsided or had any huge gaping holes.  I'm still 
amazed at how much noise and texture The Who generates.  There were just as 
many musicians on stage for Johanssen's set, and their sound was very thin 
by comparison.


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