Pino off his leash

Karbon Karbon tetrakarbon at
Thu May 27 08:37:54 CDT 2004

>Why don't they just let him off his leash without necessarily featuring him
>like they do Zak?  Mix him up so we can hear him and let him be creative 
>the songs, so long as he doesn't miss cues and notes, yet leave him where 
>he is
>on stage.  Roger said in 2002 that Pino could imitate John, but that they
>wanted him to use his own style.  Is his "style" inaudibility and 
>boringness?  I
>can't imagine that's true.  It is always easier to tone someone down than 
>pump them up.  They should mix Pino up and let him do his thing.  If he
>overdoes it, tell him to dial it back a bit.  It seems to me pointless to 
>have this
>world-renowned studio bassist on stage playing vanilla bass lines that the
>audience can barely hear.  If they're not gonna let him loose, they oughta 
>some money and get some average bassist who can stay in rhythm and on the

I couldn't agree more.  I think Palladino could be a decent replacement, if 
either he or Pridden insisted he get mixed up.  I don't know who's keeping 
him low in the mix - and maybe it's just him - but that needs to stop.  If 
no one's willing to do anything about it, they really just ought to get 
another guy.  But something isn't working right now.  There may be no 
replacement for the Ox, but that doesn't give you an excuse to stop trying.

-- Ned Ruggeri

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