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Schrade, Scott sschrade at
Wed May 26 07:44:54 CDT 2004

> Scott, don't make me break out Glade jokes. ;-)

D'oh!  I knew that was coming!

> An observation or two:
> People in NY are a bit jumpy.

Clarification:  *Tourists* in NY are a bit jumpy.  Real New Yorkers 
have seen it all before.  

> Also, I too didn't feel anything at the pit.  Scott, it was you who 
> had to remind me of the amount of death.

I suspect we would've had a more emotional reaction had we visited in
the direct aftermath of the event & seen the smoldering rubble.  

> I've now read 2 different accounts of how Pino was easily heard.  One 
> even stating he was too loud.
> How can that be?

Seating area has a lot to do with it.  Sometimes you find yourself in
that zone where you can really hear the low end bass sound.  I think
it's time to remind ourselves again the complaints about the *2000* tour
that *Entwistle* was too low in the mix.  Out of the four shows I saw
in 2000, only one, Pittsburgh, had a nice loud bass sound.  

> What's the explanation??

1. Large venue = smeared, indistinct bass sound.
2. Pino's personal preference in amp settings is......wimpy.
3. Pino's style of playing is wimpy; he's not a "hard" bass player.

> I've been chuckling at various things from this weekend too.
> One of the best, Scott, was when you pointed out to Mike that you 
> broke out the Glade again.

I think that was when we were all leaving the hotel & Mike was staying
behind & I said, "Mike, you want me to leave this Glade out in case
you'd like to use it?" (Mike doesn't like cigarette smoke & he doesn't
like Glade air freshener!)

> Man, that was priceless.  I looked over at Stu, and he was about bent 
> over in pain.

Stu's no slouch in the humor department, either.  Great sense of humor.
Man, now I wanna party with all you guys again *this* weekend!

- SCHRADE in Akron

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