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>Wanna do a swap?

Ooooo, Jim, you're going against my trading ethics.


>It was without a doubt the most fun I've had in a long time.
Just non-stop fun.
Every moment.

It still hasn't stopped in many ways for me.  My wife keeps seeing me start 
chuckling out of the blue and then says "Now what!" so I start telling her 
something like when I was sleeping and all of the sudden I hear Kevin come in late 
singing a song in an R Kelly tune: "Haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love, -I 
don't even want- any of the above-I wanna piss on you..." or about Scott 
saying  about Regis Philbin: hey there's Roger Daltrey! making fun of when  Kevin 
pointed out a drawing of Al Pacino on the street that looked similar to Roger 
during the McVicar era and thought it was Roger for a sec. I laughed so hard 
sometimes I couldn't stay in my seat like when Stu talked of finding a Gallic 
name for his son and Kevin burst up in a fruity voice throwing his arms up and 
saying "Gay-lic!" And I keep hearing you guys saying like Keith "Can you get on 
with it, I mean, can you keep it together?" and then there were Scott and I, 
veteran Who fanatics going through a door at MSG with a knob on only *one* 
side getting trapped in a stairway with no way out and  almost panicing until 
somebody heard us and let us out. And on and on...

Jon in Mi

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