Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Tue May 25 11:54:41 CDT 2004

At 12:10 PM 5/25/2004, you wrote:
> >I saw Magik come in.  We chatted a bit and he said that
> >he saw you at Hurley's
>Do you mean George Ligouri?  We didn't see Magic at Hurley's.
>George was there and left around 5:30 or so to hook up with Magic.


I always thought he spelled it with a "k" on the end... anyway.

No, it was Magik - wearing his recognizable *who uniform* (the yellow shirt)
He mentioned that he needed a ticket, "I'm looking for front row or better",
I believe he said.  *Better*, fucking Magik.   My son said to me after Magik
moved away, "That man doesn't have a ticket?  How's he going to get in?".
I said, "His name is not Magik because he makes things disappear.  He'll
get in!"    The funny part is, my son thinks that anyone older than 25
is a relic.  Magik looked like he could be someone that chased kids off
his property.   The expression on my son's face was one of puzzlement.

I did see the guy that was standing next to George L. at Boston when
the skeleton suite picture was taken by mat.   He was sitting with
Jeff and Keets in the corner at the Molly Wee.

Going to our seats and all through the concert, people were very jazzed
about approaching my son and offering high-fives.   At one point he
appeared pretty freaked out when some loud guy in front of us - who
Jason was forming a bad opinion about because of his *smoking*,
*littering* and constant punching of his buddy - offered Jason a high five.
Jason was refusing and it was a bit uncomfortable.  Kids are like dogs
sometimes with their senses.   I whispered in his ear that it was not
polite to leave him hanging there, and that the guy was trying to have
a good time....  Jason finally obliged, but not before giving the guy a
disapproving look.    Good experiences and discussion points!


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