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Tue May 25 11:26:38 CDT 2004 pocket summary of MSG/NY.  Apologies to those who may have 
already seen it:

First the show...I didn't think it was that good, as Who shows go. 
Nevertheless, it was still very enjoyable and gave the audience their
money's worth.  Pete lost his place about 30 seconds away from the end
of Eminence Front and never recovered.  As you've read, Roger
completely lost his grip on the mike cord while twirling and the mike
shot out into the audience...luckily, it only hit some shoulders and
chests, but it could have meant lost teeth or worse.  Possibly the
scariest moment I've ever seen at a Who show, keeping in mind I wasn't
present when Pete fell off the stage into the pit.  Roger's voice was
quite rough throughout the show.  He couldn't hit the falsetto "Love"
at the end of LROM, and otherwise he hit the notes OK but didn't go for
many of the  tough ones.  He also had the audience sing along a lot,
more than I can ever recall actually, in Listening to You and Magic
Bus, plus in some other song Pete had to come in and sing some lines
Roger usually sings.  As a transcendental show that marks the
transition into The Who Mk II, I didn't see it.  Maybe I was too far
away to catch the interactions.  The Pete/Roger Naked Eye duo was very
nice but...I'd rate last night's show a 7 on the Who scale.

The friends who congregated were a high point of the trip.  Special
thanks to Terry, the Starckes and Jeff Slate for the very special
entertainment at Hurley's.  Unfortunately I can't list everybody and
will certainly leave out some, but Oz, Trish, Jason, Cynthia, Terry,
Adam, Mason, Darren, Andrew Z, Seth, Max, Lauren, Stefani, Joyce,
Lauri, Frank T, everywordguy, Bill, Gigi, the fabulous Ryan Brothers,
the fabulous Starcke brothers, Jeff W and the other's I'll get insulted
for leaving out, it was great to see you all. After the fire, some fire
still burns.

Yet another breakfast ended at dawn, as required by union rules.

"the average Texan...carries not just a gun but a SHOTGUN."
     --Pete Townshend, 1967

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