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>Subject: Re: MSG
>I agree with what you're saying about his sound.  But I can't help thinking
>it's intentional.  He's standing back almost up against his amps, no spot
>lighting *at all*, dressed in black.  *He's* not choosing to be so
>inconspicuous.  *Somebody* has made that decision and it has to extend to
>his sound, or at least his volume.

Oh, agreed 100%.
Which is why I wrote about letting him off his leash.
But, why?
Why subdue the low-end sound?
The only thing I can think of is that the album and possible tour will be the last hurrah, and Pete and Rog. don't want to take the time or energy to work Pino fully into the lime-light like they've done with Zak.

>I thought it <Love Ain't For Keeping> sounded good, 

I'm sure it was. I was listening to this song several weeks ago and thought that this would fall into a CD collection of Who songs where John really took a lead role.
His presence is that strong.  But, without any bass, it just can't be the same.
I wanted to hear this live.  But, now knowing how absent Pino was, I'm glad I didn't.

>Then I read Matt's description of how Pete and Roger connected there and
>thought, well that would have been great to see.  Did you get any sense of

To be senses were pretty much on overload by that point.  ;-)
I remember thinking that things were blurring together.  Don't get me wrong, I was totally coherent, it's just that it was all so much.  That's a good thing!
I was getting distracted by the lady in front of me shoving her finger in her husbands face like "SEE!  I *TOLD* you these guys rocked!!!!"  He, meanwhile, sat there like a bump on a log.  The only time he moved was to sit one seat farther away from his wife.
She, on the other hand, while quite goofy, had energy to spare, and kept me pumped.
Goofy people.
But, yes, Pete and Roger seemed quite close all night.

>I can see why it would be more frustrating with Young Man Blues.

Ya want to get fans off yer back about the set list?
Launch into YMB and Naked Eye and I'm a Boy and Melancholia and AQO.

>That was the thing that bothered me the most.  The show *did* feel hurried
>to me.  Mansfield lasted about the same time as you say MSG did, but it felt
>a lot quicker than that to me.

Well, take away the banter, and a long John solo, and no off-stage time really before encore, and you've got another 10-15min.
I didn't come away feeling like there was less music.
They presented themselves as I expected, I guess.
"Hey, we're back.  We've just recently been here.  We wanted to drop by and say hey, and do this show again."
I guess there wasn't much else to say.
Well, other than Pete expressing his appreciation for loyalty.

>Hope it <Roger's mike> hit a Yankee fan.

Chances are good (shudder).

>Are you going to buy the MSG Encore CD?  

More than likely.

>Wanna do a swap?

Ooooo, Jim, you're going against my trading ethics.
I only trade music that isn't available.
It's money out of their pocket, and in this case (I think)..out of charity pockets.
No offense!

>Man, I wish I was there for that (NY and non-stop-party).

It was without a doubt the most fun I've had in a long time.
Just non-stop fun.
Every moment.

>From: Keithjmoon70 at
>Subject: MSG and New York City
>Like a baby sissy.

Whoooss!  ;-)

> What I especially dug about the weekend was all the fan camaraderie.  
>Staying with Scott and Kevin and Stu and Mike, Kevin's DC buddies was off the hook.

It *was* the bomb, wasn't it??!!

>Stu and I ate breakfast with Jeff and Lela on Sunday morning and talked about 
>family and our kids.  A very relaxing and enjoyable time. 

Didn't tell us about that!  Stu was quite surprised.
Wish I had gone.  (!)
Needed a bit more than 3 hours of sleep.

Kevin in VT

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