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Schrade, Scott sschrade at ascpl.lib.oh.us
Tue May 25 09:37:53 CDT 2004

> What was Cheetah show like?  Do you remember what songs he did or 
> WHO was in his band? 

I'm not a huge Dead Boys fan, Tom, so I won't be much help.  He did 
do "Sonic Reducer," of course, & invited somebody from the audience 
up on stage to sing it.  The guy (from the audience) said he had been 
close to the band since their first trip to NYC from Cleveland in the

I have no idea who else played in his band.  Some songs featured an
added guitarist who only played a on few numbers, & the regular bass
player relinquished his bass for a song to let someone else play.
It was like a basketball game with substitutions.

Jon & I were both excited to have seen a show that weekend where we 
could actually hear the bass guitar. (!)

I met Cheetah Chrome in Cleveland two years ago.  He was hanging out 
at a bar & noticed my trench coat with a big WHO logo on the back &
complimented me on it!  We talked some Who & then bugged the DJ at the 
bar to *play* some Who!

I stuck around after the New York show to see if I could meet him but
apparently he wasn't in too good of a mood because someone in the
audience was giving him grief (this according to the bouncer, but I
didn't see anything weird going on) so Cheetah stayed sequestered in 
this little back room.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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