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If anyone is going to be around the day after the Isle of Wight show and
would like to go on this Quadrophenia walking tour in Brighton, please
contact me at lisamgrand at optonline.net.

My boyfriend and I arranged with Glenda, the woman who does these tours, to
do a special walk on Sunday, June 13, at 3:00 P.M.  Since this was not on
her regular schedule, she asked us to pay her in advance for 10 people at 8
pounds each (which we did).  If anyone wants to join us, we'd be delighted
to have you.  It would be great to have some fellow listers on this walk.
We'd also really appreciate having some people share in the cost!


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News: Walk with the mods
22 May 2004

The "Battle of Brighton", in which mods fought pitched
battles with rockers at the South Coast resort, took
place on the Whitsun bank holiday in 1964. The events
inspired The Who's album, Quadrophenia, and the film
of the same name. To mark the 40th anniversary,
Brighton Walks (01273 888596; www.brightonwalks.com)
is organising a special Quadrophenia walk around the
city next Sunday, on 30 May. The comprehensively
researched tour will leave from the Visitor
Information Centre at 2pm, and will cost #8. It takes
in many locations from the film, and reveals
little-known nuggets of information, such as the
appearance of the writer Pete McCarthy as an extra.
The organisers hope that Sting's Vespa from the film
will be taken to Brighton for the event.

Further Quadrophenia walks will take place on 5 June,
3 July, 7 August and 4 September - though without the

-Brian in Atlanta
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