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Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at yahoo.com
Tue May 25 06:27:48 CDT 2004

>From the BBC Sport page at:
where they are asking for weird sports dreams:

Here's the sort of thing we're looking for, sent in by
Phil of London.

"I get invited to the England football team
end-of-season jolly-up and travel along to a big hotel
up town where I mingle with everyone, happy as Larry,"
writes Phil. 

"I get chatting to David Seaman, who asks for my help
as they've had a last-minute let-down with the house
band, The Who. The bassist has only gone and done a

"Seaman refuses to accept that I can't play bass and,
to make things worse, shoves me on stage with the rest
of the band, not with a top-of-the-range bass guitar,
but with a shoebox with four elastic bands tied around

"I make a decent fist of set opener My Generation, but
it all goes downhill from there. 

"After the gig, Seaman is nowhere to be seen -
although Wes Brown and Wayne Bridge both say they
enjoyed it."

-Brian in Atlanta
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