Who2 - off the wall thought - smile

Steve seeker at elkvalley.net
Mon May 24 21:05:54 CDT 2004

Steve here in Canada

So, listen to this theory....
1) 1977, the Who are peaking in the business.
2) Keith dies
3) Keith is replaced, but not in the same style
4) 10 years of drugs and alcohol affect Who writing (and solo writing?)
5) 1989 Who big band era....
6) PD comes out - great work, poor marketing, too complicated for many
7) 1996 - Quad gets and airing - guitar work handed off to Simon because
8) 2000 - the Who rocks on with Zak, Rabbit, and not a lot else but power - 
proof of possibility
9) 2002 - planned as a repeat of 2000, but guess what - replacement is a 
good bassist, but different style
10) 2004 - new tunes (first in about 20 years), quieter...not anthem-like. 
same quiet bassist...still raw energy a la 2000.

So, How many of these points could be tied together by a fear of (new) 
success. How many of these points could be the result of trying to keep in 
touch with fans without real risk?

That's it - a fear of success, of being of the present, not the past...

Ok, I'm just having a good time here....but about some of those 
replacements, and reformats of the band....

The known evil is easier than the unknown?


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