WTC site

L. Bird pkeets at
Mon May 24 22:19:46 CDT 2004

>But, as I stared at the giant construction pit it was difficult for my mind
to imagine how it used to be.  Those giant dominating buildings.  Gone.
Replaced by a ho-hum construction site.  I had to remind myself that
nearly 3,000 people died near where I was standing.

>I was surprised by my lack of emotion.  I expected to feel deep sor-
row.  And anger.  But no strong, soul-searching feelings came to me.
Personally, I'm still trying to figure out why that was.

I went down there in 2002 and had about the same reaction.  It's just a pit, 
and it smelled like concrete dust. There were lots of vendors around, 
selling tee shirts to the tourists.  I walked a little further along, 
though, and there were flowers stuck in the fence.  THAT got to me.


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