Naked Eye

L. Bird pkeets at
Mon May 24 21:31:45 CDT 2004

>Watching Naked Eye brought several things to mind.

>3.  We got it.   We asked for it and we got it.   It was a special version.
It will evolve, but we saw it first in the incubator.

Did you think Roger was bit too loud on some spots in this one?  I expect it 
WILL evolve--but Roger will have to moderate just a bit on the vocals to 
match the acoustic backing.  ;)  His voice is calculated to cut through the 
racket the whole band makes on stage, and there were a couple of spots here 
where I thought he was too cutting.  Regardless, it was a lovely rendition.  
Pete did an expecially lovely version of "Drowned" as well.

Regardless of what some folks have said, I could hear Pino very well (maybe 
it has to do with where you're sitting).  He does sound different from John, 
and on "Eminence Front" I though he sounded too harsh, but I was pleased 
overall with the noise they all made this year.


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