Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Mon May 24 20:20:51 CDT 2004

>Joe Lewinski
>> Wish I had gotten to hear Long Live Rock.  Speaking of which, where the
>>hell is/was Joe Lewinski???
>This was a bit painful for me.

Us too!

>I arrived at the Molly
>Wee around 6:00ish.

Damn!  We didn't leave Hurley's until around 6pm.
By that point, I think the winds were blowing back to our room for a short
gathering of strength for what was about to come.
We never made the Wee before the show.

>I saw Magik come in.  We chatted a bit and he said that
>he saw you at Hurley's

Do you mean George Ligouri?  We didn't see Magic at Hurley's.
George was there and left around 5:30 or so to hook up with Magic.
I think we were all under the assumption that everyone would be at Molly
Wee's after the show until the ....  wait for it.....the "wee" hours of the us.

>(I must have missed this
>last minute change in plans).

Yeah, it was an evolution.
As the final days drew to a close, we were all crazily wrapping things up at
work/home, finalizing plans, sorting out finances, etc.
I figured you were too, and we would see you at Hurley's.
It was posted on the list a bunch!  Damn!

>we decided that moving up to
>Hurley's on 48th at around 7:00 was a bad plan.


>of Pete jumping in a question mark shape,

Best T-shirt available.

>and looked around for you guys to enter the venue.

Ummm, yeah, we kind of had a session....if ya know what I mean...back at the
suite, and then floated blissfully over to MSG just in time to get a beer
and make it into our seats (running).

>After the show we ventured over to the arena seats on
>Pete's side and I combed around looking for you guys

Ahhhhhhh!  We were there!  We had spotted Scott and Jon in their section
(just about everyone else had gone) and were standing at the front of our
section across the venue waving our hands like fools and yelling.  But, no
luck.  So, we finally walked around to sec. 102 and sat with Scott and Jon
for a spell.
Then, sat out front of MSG laughing our asses off at Terrance McB's
impersonations of Pete.  Man, he was a hoot.

>We dashed up to our hotel on 42nd - Jason got a nice
>piggyback ride up 7th avenue

Jason almost fell off because Dad kept spinning his head around at all the
hot chicks parading up and down that strip.
NY, NY.  So nice they named it twice.  :-)
Holy tight tops and short skirts, Bat Man!!!!

>Back to Molly Wee
> No dice....
>I decided
>to hang for a Guinness and see if you guys would show.

As Scott wrote, we must have just missed you.  I have no idea what time it
was that we arrived, but we went from hanging in front of MSG, across the
street to our suite for a short spell, and then over to Molly Wee (unless
I'm forgetting something ;-).

>Greg mentioned that there was some hotel that Rabbit
>might end-up playing at, but the name escapes me.

The Irish Pub.  Yeah, it was way up-town, and we didn't have the energy or
motivation to travel that far.  What, with our suite right there, and Molly
Wee right around the corner.

>I remembered Hurley's was on 48th, so I said good by
>to Greg and marched up to Hurley's around 12:20.  No
>luck.  No Kevin, no Schrade, no Stu, no Jon.  ;-(

Oh man, that sucks.
I feel really bad.
When I first hooked up with Scott and Jon I asked if anyone had heard from
You were scarce!
We figured you were reading the list and knew we were heading to Hurley's
Sat afternoon until 6.

>Sorry we couldn't hook up.

Yeah, me too.  Really.
We were raging.
I was really looking forward to kissing ......ummm.....I mean meeting your
wife.  ;-)
But very psyched to meet Jason.  I wanted to test the "ear muffs" thing on
It would have all been a blast.

>I think that Simon should
>move to bass.

Wow.  That's interesting.
I like.

>Unlike some of the *official* reviews,
>I think Simon's backing vocals and guitar work are
>essential to filling out the sound.


>The Listening to You did end on a very weak note.  All
>the versions I have of live material were loud and
>bold.   This one had none of that.

Yeah.  It's amazing how a very slight mess up on beat, can throw the
momentum away.
It was the right thing to do to come back out and go out with a bang.
Magic Bus provided the appropriate rowdy ending.

>In retrospect I should have taken some cell numbers

Yep.  In 2005 we'll solidify with you better.  I guess I figured you were
tracking posts here.

>I trust you guys had a good time without me

It really was amazing.  I had such a good time.  Not a care in the world.
No time for BS.  Only time for pure good times.
It would have been that much better *with* you.

Kevin in VT

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