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Mon May 24 19:17:09 CDT 2004

> >Mr. Townshend and Mr. Daltrey could be writing more
> >new songs, but this band has been breaking up, each
> >time theoretically for good, since Moon died in 1978.
> >They could change their sound, or find new stimuli, or
> >be more elegant and stop publicly calling it quits.
> >But having problems with being in a rock band has
> >always been the Who's chemistry. Once they were uncool
> >in a way that worked. Now they're just uncool.

This guy writes as if he is some rock historian who knows all, but The Who 
have only said farewell twice.  1982 was the first farewell tour, and 1989 was 
the last (which could barely be considered The Who with all that clutter on 
stage).  That's it.  From reading this article one might think The Who had a half 
dozen farewell tours.  What an idiot.  In addition, I don't think there was 
ever anything "uncool" about The Who.  They were the first wild stage act, the 
first "grunge" band (see Join Together video), Keith was the original rock n 
roll wild man, Roger was the original "cock rocker."  Who could watch that 
Woodstock performance and not think the Who was fucking cool?  They were the 
ultimate in "cool" because they were always not quite mainstream even though they 
had plenty of hits.  A 59-year-old who slashes his guitar with windmills and 
still leaps around and kicks ass is the antithesis of uncool.  Look, I love the 
Eagles, but if you want to see what uncool is, go see one of their shows.  
It's Joe Walsh being cool while playing with your four middle aged uncles.  How 
bout ACDC still wearing their exact outfits from 1975 (see also- Aerosmith)?  
Uncool?  I'd say so, and I like those bands.  


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