MSG - Part One

Scott Schrade schrade at
Mon May 24 17:33:40 CDT 2004

Last weekend was one of the most enjoyable two days I've had while 
on this planet.  What a fucking blast.  Some comments:

I arrived in NYC at 3:00 PM on Friday.  Went to my hotel, went to
a bar, went to dinner.  Great dinner.  Cafe Centro in the Met Life 
building.  What a meal!  

Jon from MI arrives promptly at 9:00 PM & we talk in the hotel room
for an hour or two while he comes down off his 10+-hour mega-drive.

I love talking Who with Jon.  He's so passionate & inquisitive.  We
excitedly mulled over all kinds of Who topics, each us obviously 
energized by having a true Who-freak to talk to - face to face.

Then, we left the hotel & headed downtown for drinks at the KGB Bar.
It's decorated in old Soviet-era, red, Lenin decor.  

Jon had a good quote while we enjoyed our first beers.  As he gazed 
around at the bar's unusual decor, in a somewhat stunned silence, he  
then looked at me & said, "Man.  What's to stop anybody from doing 
anything?"  Classic!  How true of human nature.

No smoking in NYC bars!!!!  Fuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!

After multiple rounds of Rolling Rock at the KGB Bar it was off to
the Continental club to see Cheetah Chrome of the old-school, Cleve-
land Punk band the Dead Boys.

I'm glad we got to see a club show.  Sort of balanced out what was
to come on Saturday night.

More beers for the both of us & a Jager shot for me!  The show ended 
& by 3:00 AM, it was time to look for grub & stumble back to our hotel.  
More talking & I think we finally it the hay around 5:00 AM.  Ah, New 

For the four hours of sleep we each got we both felt surprisingly rested
when it came time to look for Cousin Kevin who was meeting us at
9:30 AM.

Sure enough, right on the dot, as Jon & I are standing on the sidewalk
outside our hotel, we hear this loud "Who, who, who!!" chant coming
from across the street!

And then he appeared in all his glory.  The beaming Cousin Kevin had
arrived & hugs were exchanged.

Kevin is a fucking dynamo.  The energy level definitely picked up
when he arrived.  If you haven't partied with Kevin then you've missed
out on a whole bunch of spirited silliness & great Who conversation.

We then called lister Leslie & arranged a meeting time & place with her 
so she could give us a tour of the Ground Zero area, which is where she
calls home.

Check out of the hotel & Jon drives down to lower Manhattan & we 
find Leslie & park Jon's car.

Leslie was so kind & such good company.  It was weird.  There
were no awkward silences.  No uncomfortable feelings.  It was like
we were all old friends.

And what a thrill to get a tour of Ground Zero, & a recount of that 
fateful day in 2001, from someone who resides nearby & lived through 

But, as I stared at the giant construction pit it was difficult for my mind 
to imagine how it used to be.  Those giant dominating buildings.  Gone. 
Replaced by a ho-hum construction site.  I had to remind myself that
nearly 3,000 people died near where I was standing.

I was surprised by my lack of emotion.  I expected to feel deep sor-
row.  And anger.  But no strong, soul-searching feelings came to me.  
Personally, I'm still trying to figure out why that was.

Then, Leslie, Jon, Kevin, & I had a quick pizza lunch & we said our
goodbyes to Leslie.  It was time to head uptown to our new hotel
(across the fucking street from MSG!) & meet up with Kevin's child-
hood Who buddies, Stu & Mike.  The partying was about to kick
into high fucking gear!

I'll continue with more in Part Fucking Two.....  

- SCHRADE in Akron

John Kerry For President

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