NY Times review of MSG

Karbon Karbon tetrakarbon at hotmail.com
Mon May 24 17:34:38 CDT 2004

>Mr. Townshend and Mr. Daltrey could be writing more
>new songs, but this band has been breaking up, each
>time theoretically for good, since Moon died in 1978.
>They could change their sound, or find new stimuli, or
>be more elegant and stop publicly calling it quits.
>But having problems with being in a rock band has
>always been the Who's chemistry. Once they were uncool
>in a way that worked. Now they're just uncool.

I hate endings like this.  Where did that last sentence come from?  It 
doesn't really seem related to anything else the reviewer has written.  
Other review I have read lately have seemed this way too: while being fairly 
laudatory, they then suddenly write some seemingly disconnected conclusion.

I don't mind they call the Who uncool, but are they only reffering to 
publicly breaking up?  I mean, they haven't been breaking up for a while 
now...  That was an 80's phenomenon...

Moreover, there was no _review_.  It's as if the whole concert is tangental 
to the commentary on the band.  Isn't this supposed to be about the music?

Though, I suppose for years fans have known to trust their ears and not 
critics.  They're the ones who couldn't make it in Rock 'n' Roll after 

-- Ned Ruggeri

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