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Maybe it's to keep Pete's ears from freaking out.(?)

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Don't mean to be nit-picky here.  But, the show was under two hours.  I got
to my seat at 8:55 and they were just starting.  The show ended before
11:00.  My comment was also meant to note that their shows are getting
shorter and the songs are getting shorter, implying to me that they are
becoming standardized with less improv.  They cut Old Red Wine, Naked Eye,
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere short, fact.

Within each song, the band was terrific, never denied that.  Just a little
disappointed at the decreasing show length.

Thanks for your comments.

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>Neil E. Weissman
>While a terrific performance, it was short,
>under 2 hours.
>Many of you may not like this, but I feel cheated.  I expect a band to play
>at least 2:15 or 2:30.

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