MSG and New York City

Keithjmoon70 at Keithjmoon70 at
Mon May 24 12:48:07 CDT 2004

Hello friends,

I just got back last night from a wonderful experience.  

I'm not going to give a play by play of the show. Others are much better at 
that than I.

The main impression I received that night was that Pete was just happy to be 
with his American Who family .-A family that didn't leave him.  NY was the 
right city to come to. He yelled: "I never thought I'd see your faces again!" and 
my tears came down. Like a baby sissy.

I'm spent. Actually I was spent before the show began.  Scott and I wore off 
some shoe leather touring that crazy town and Scott is a dude on a mission.  
At the show we sat together, fists thrust up in the air together as Pete and 
Roger did what they always do.  We looked at one another at each missed cue and 
there were quite a few that night.  But Pete didn't seem to care at all.  We 
didn't either.  

The only thing I was frustrated with was that we still couldn't hear any BASS!

 What I especially dug about the weekend was all the fan camaraderie.  
Staying with Scott and Kevin and Stu and Mike, Kevin's DC buddies was off the hook. 
We saw ground zero, met the very hospitable and lovely Leslie who freely gave 
up her time to give us a tour of lower Manhattan before shooting to where the 
folks were getting all crunked up for the show.  I'd like to thank and 
compliment Ozzy and Trish from the Relayers list for the great get-down they put 
together along with whoever else helped them. The Starcke bros. too for the DVD 
shows. You guys rock. There was this dude there named Jeff Slate that knows Pete 
and told us some inside stuff about what a great guy Pete is.

We saw street rappers, a dude painted silver like a statue, Alan, people that 
spoke in many tongues, touched places that George Washington touched, drank 
in the KGB bar surrounded by light and airy Soviet decor, caught a Cleveland 
band punk show by the dead boys (who had loud bass), stepped over many sleeping 
on the street, saw garbage collection @ 3 am, ate pizza @ all hours of the 
night and saw a lot of these real tall buildings. Everywhere.

I too regretting missing Joe. We got to Millie Wee's a bit late and stayed 
until the time got wee.

Stu and I ate breakfast with Jeff and Lela on Sunday morning and talked about 
family and our kids.  A very relaxing and enjoyable time. 

I drove out of New York toward home a richer person inside full of hopeful 
thoughts to ponder.

Jon in Mi.

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